Professional Services

Soroc understands that no two deployments are the same and employs a Project Management Office (PMO) to pay careful attention in process planning to ensure seamless transitions, or integrations, and complete end user satisfaction on large-scale, North American projects.. Our Consulting Services team is certified and dedicated to successfully implementing or upgrading your systems and programs for Desktop Lifecycle Management, Migration, and Datacenter initiatives.

Mass Deployments are part of our day to day business.

With over 25+ years of experience in large-scale North American deployments Soroc has honed and refined our delivery process while adapting to the uniqueness of each client’s environment with the input from Project, Business, Technology and Operational stakeholders taken into consideration. Our Deployment and Project Managers ensure that the following key events and cycles are considered for each project engagement:

  • Procurement/Inventory Management

    Manages the procurement of all required equipment; proactively works with the customer to ensure that sufficient stocking levels are available to deliver the deployment schedule on time. 

  • Staging/Imaging

    Soroc’s Quality Assurance Team will load customer images, apply asset tags, assemble components, etc. before shipping to client sites as required

  • Freight Coordination

    Deliver cost effective supply chain solutions, linked with tight schedule coordination within the project team.

  • Site Survey

    Soroc employs handheld devices to validate the scope baseline and gathering site-specific information and transmits site information directly to Soroc’s project database for accurate and readily-available data for timely planning and reporting.

  • Communications

    Ensure the proper expectations are set and managed with the end user community. Soroc offers bilingual communications coordination through all mediums.

  • Staffing & Scheduling

    Coordination of the business requirements, conversion windows and blackouts, technician skillset, the regional distribution of sites and support requirements.

  • Onsite Conversion

    Well-documented onsite conversion processes and procedures, linked to a responsive support team for the timely resolution.

  • Status, Asset & Financial Reporting

    Templated and customizable reports to provide accurate and timely reporting.

  • Change Management

    Soroc is agile and adaptable, and able to incorporate the change requests that may arise during an engagement.

  • Pilot & Mass Deployment

    Best practices may be implemented to pilot the deployment to a select number of sites in a region that is close to support/engineering staff.

  • Continuous Improvement & PIR

    Soroc regularly schedules touch points with the client throughout the deployment and holds a Post Implementation Review.

  • Resources and Team Structure

    Soroc is a balanced matrix organization, with a Project Management Office (PMO) which will be leading our team and integrating the efforts of Operations, IT, Support and Field Services.

Let our certified team assist you in your technological journey.

Through Asset Management, Migration Services, and Datacenter Services, Soroc Consulting Services helps our clients optimize their IT infrastructure through our scalable and flexible approach. We’ll assign a certified team dedicated to helping you successfully implement or upgrade your systems and programs through our phased model, incorporating and understanding your organizations governance model, policies, and organizational boundaries. We can assist your business in developing and implementing new processes and procedures as well as provide you with a roadmap assessment that can get you to the future state environment you long and strive to be in. Due to the ensuing reduction for Windows 7 and Microsoft Server 2003 support, we are offering solutions to assist with a transformation to the latest version of Microsoft, with full application assessments, imaging, and deployment strategies, and an application migration business case (PoC).

  • Asset Management:

    Soroc’s Consulting Services Team provides full assistance for asset management, from assessments and business cases through to implementation.

  • Migration Services:

    Soroc can assist your company through Operating System (OS) Migrations, desktop, server workloads, and application virtualization migrations through our phased process, making sure first and foremost that your planned movement will achieve your corporate goals, including all business and technological objectives.

  • Datacenter Services:

    Soroc can provide rack and stack services, server and communications equipment installation and configuration services, as well as datacenter relocation, cabling, and complete IMACD for your infrastructure environment.