Support Services

Soroc’s full suite of Support Services can provide a more cost-effective solution than hiring a fulltime IT team to address temporary needs. Soroc will guarantee your equipment is installed correctly and maintained to ensure you get the most residual value out of your IT equipment.

Moving, changing, upgrading and maintaining your environment shouldn’t be a struggle.

Internal IT support teams consistently face pressure to continually update and provide support to everchanging technology. Soroc Support Services provides a variety of services to the company looking to out-task as a more cost-effective method of investing in new technology. These services are both flexible and scalable, allowing for personalized attention, catering to each client’s different needs. We have been offering support services for over 25 years and currently have the capacity to support clients with their scheduled and ad hoc IMAC requests (install, move, add, change) on a national scale while providing 24X7X365 support for infrastructure and end user environments.

With a fully integrated, state of the art ITSM Platform and delivery approach based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)’s methodology of managing, tracking, resolving, and reporting on service requests, Soroc can ensure your IT equipment and systems are taken care of. Soroc’s service processes are audited on a regular basis.

At Soroc, we take security seriously. Our support team members are trained and certified to support our partners’ products including HP, IBM, Lenovo, EMC, Cisco, Ricoh, Samsung and Lexmark to name a few. Our support staff is processed through internal and background checks, as well as client-specified security tests on an annual basis. Soroc has also invested in our own fleet of trucks and drivers to perform direct drive services for data sensitive/high priority hardware moves to comply with each customer’s strict security policies. For disposition requests, Soroc adheres to protocols according to the RCMP, as well as both the Canadian and U.S. Departments of Defence.

Services Offered

On-site Service & Support

Break / Fix, Deskside Support, Enhanced Care Pack Support, Smart Hands Services

Asset and IMACD Services

Hard and Soft IMAC’s, Cascading Services, Secure De-commission Services

Service Desk

Incident Management, Call Centre Overflow Management, Level 1 & Level 2 Support, Remote Support, Self Service Tools, Service Management Tool Integration

Logistics Services

Spare Pool/Parts Management, Warehousing, Bench Repair Services (Warranty Repair Services), Advanced Exchange Services, Rush Delivery Courier Services

Help Desk:

Soroc operates a 24/7/365 bilingual Service Desk providing support for Incident Management, Call Centre Overflow Management, Level 1 & Level 2 Support, Remote Support, Self Service Tools. Our Service Desk can be contacted through email, dedicated and general phone lines, or through Service Management Tool Integration. Our Service Team metrics include a 30-second average speed of answer time, and 85% first fix effectiveness rate, ensuring our technicians are provided with the right information to resolve issues within the first visit to your office. The Service Desk Team holds certifications in all major manufacturer products, as well as industry-specific and client-proprietary systems and software.


Soroc Installs, Moves, Adds, Changes and Decommissions you hardware and software to provide you with the flexibility you need to operate within a multi-person and multi-site environment. IMACD Services are aligned to ITIL-defined processes to ensure scalability, responsiveness and delivery of the most cost effective services for our clients. Soroc leverages a fully integrated ITSM Platform to manage all IMACDs through incident management, delivery, support and follow-up. Our Service Management Platform also acts as a single point of access to a host of support systems including Knowledge Base, Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and reporting.

Soroc Service Advantage

  • Rapid Turnaround

    Soroc develops custom Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for each client and guarantees rapid delivery of IMACDs.

  • Customized

    Soroc customizes its Asset and IMACD services to fulfill client-specific security policies and procedures.

  • Scalable

    Soroc can handle large scale projects (1000 IMACDs / month) and fast turnarounds (200 IMACDs over multiple days).

  • Efficient

    Soroc also uses an ITIL-compliant tool for managing and tracking assets throughout the asset lifecycle including disposition

  • Expertise

    Soroc’s IMACD team has 25+ years of experience. Soroc agents who arrange and manage IMACDs are ITIL foundation-certified. Agents are coupled with technicians who can leverage knowledge from client on-site support engagements.

  • Decommission & Disposal Options

    Soroc can provide secure data eradication following RCMP or US Department of Defence protocols. Your End of Life equipment can then be donated, sold, recycled, redeployed, or destroyed based on your company’s requirements. Certification of Destruction and reports can be generated based on your internal compliance requirements.