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Agility across the infrastructure

According to a recent survey commissioned by 451 Research, the growth of the cloud over the last several years can be attributed to a desire to extract more agility and innovation from cloud-based IT infrastructures. This move to the cloud has done many things well. For instance, it has enabled IT organizations to pivot more quickly to maintain relevance and resilience as the business environment has become increasingly uncertain.

These capabilities can also benefit other IT infrastructures. Bringing a cloud operating model to the network goes beyond cloud operations and reimagines the entire IT experience. This expanded model can leverage the anywhere-access, self-service elements of the cloud, the automation and insights of effective management platforms, and API-powered extensibility to apply these principles to network infrastructures.

By bringing a cloud operating model to on-premises infrastructure for cloud and network operations, your entire IT stack can be more cloud- like while maintaining the critical cost and control aspects of on-premises technology. Think of it as the best of both worlds: promote greater business innovation through end-to-end agility, minimize wasteful operational friction with more consistent operations and simplified processes, and ensure greater cross-functional adherence to your overarching business objectives – all while relying on APIs to expand convergence and capabilities. And, as a result, your IT team becomes an indispensable tool for business success.

Transitioning to a broader cloud operating model

This approach to a cloud operating model requires management platforms that span the cloud, the internet, and the network with consistent policies, processes, and data telemetry. These platforms support the simplicity of the operating model with cloud-driven automation, network insights, and API-powered extensibility and value, to deliver greater network simplification and data-driven intelligence across a range of use cases, including:

  • Application performance – solutions that impact the availability and performance of applications. The improved experience can help IT boost organizational productivity and enhance customer digital engagement.
  • Business innovation – solutions that directly support line of business innovation or do so through business applications that can deliver greater business innovation. Business innovation is the key to improved efficiency, new revenue streams, and faster adaptation to changing business environments.
  • Operational convergence – solutions that help operations more tightly align and collaborate through policy and process workflows and consistency. Greater consistency across operational teams helps reduce operational costs and supports greater agility so the organization is better able to adapt to market change.


Figure 1.
Journey to a cloud operating model

Cisco and the cloud operating model

Because cloud operating models are necessarily unique to each organization, no vendor has a monopoly on a given model. However, because of our cloud and network portfolio, Cisco is in a unique position to help you transition to this expanded model. We deliver cloud- managed platforms that optimize data-center and public-cloud workloads with consistent policies. We simplify the networking of cloud connections, with SD-WAN on ramps to public and SaaS clouds. We power security and identity engines that inform these platforms with greater policy consistency. And we offer platforms that deliver optimal user and IT experiences through LAN, WAN, and internet connections with end-to-end visibility of applications and connections.

Why Cisco?

Cisco solutions come together to provide essential capabilities for your transition to a more effective, cloud operating model for your IT infrastructure. For information about these solutions, explore:

Cloud management for network infrastructure:

  • Cloud management for Catalyst infographic – Cisco Meraki® dashboard

Cloud and data center networking:

  • Cisco Nexus® Cloud


Cisco solutions bring the simplicity of the cloud operating model to the network and deliver the following benefits:

  • More cloud-like agility and simplification of network and cloud infrastructure and processes.
  • Improved flexibility, simplicity, and efficiency of on-premises network and cloud infrastructure.
  • Consistent cross-functional processes and policies to help reduce operational friction and promote greater collaboration across operational teams.
  • Network insights and data-driven intelligence to help inform and simplify complex network and cloud operations.
  • End-to-end automation for day-to-day operations to enable IT resources to be focused on more strategic and innovative efforts.

Why Soroc Technology?

For 40 years Soroc technology has been delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions. From humble beginnings in 1981 as a manufacturer of simple Point of Sale (PoS) terminals to a leading IT service and solution provider, we’ve come a long way. Our ability to reinvent ourselves, coupled with our expert industry knowledge and service delivery excellence has made Soroc the go-to for all your technology needs.

1980s: Soroc developed one of the first touch-screen PoS terminals for the world’s largest fast food chain. As technology progressed, we became a Value Added Reseller for major IT equipment manufacturers.

1990s: As Soroc continued to grow and develop, we expanded to include the resale of equipment, as well as deployment services, project management, help desk services, on-site support and maintenance services.

2000s: By the 21st century, Soroc had become a North American client-focused, end-to-end technology service and solution provider.

Today: Soroc Technology continues to lead the way as a full-service IT firm, with 350+ professionals offering expert guidance and support to over 10,000 client locations throughout North America on a daily basis.

Mission Statement

Since 1981, our goal has been to provide clients with top-notch expertise at every stage of their IT infrastructure. Here at Soroc, we know that each of our clients has individual needs, so we work closely with them to create tangible solutions. Our customized and responsive approach works to streamline costs and enhance client productivity and success.

It is our mandate to keep ahead of the trends and stay current on any and all technological advancements in order to provide the best service possible. Our consistent drive to provide quality products and results makes us confident in our ability to achieve your goals, your way.